What is Inhibinol™?

AI Derived.
Naturally Sourced.
Immune Support.

Promote year-round health and wellness with Inhibinol™, a patented formula that combines natural extracts with a highly effective blend of essential vitamins and minerals. Two capsules a day for immune system support, antioxidant support, and heart & cardio health. This novel combination also provides support for inflammation after strenuous activity.



Next Gen Nutraceutical

How was Inhibinol™ Discovered?

Through a research collaboration between the Louisiana State University Computer Science program and Skymount Medical, advanced bioinformatic methods and deep learning algorithms were used to screen naturally occurring compounds for their highest efficacy.

The Result?

Inhibinol™– leading the next generation of AI-recommended products to support immune function and help correct the vitamin/mineral imbalance in the body to promote year-round wellness.

The Inhibinol™ Formula

3 Clinically Proven Immune-Supporting Ingredients



Vitamin D

Each ingredient in Inhibinol™ has been formulated for immune support. Inhibinol also relies on familiar ingredients such as Ginseng and Chamomile as a shield to help protect the body to fight off free radicals, which can damage cells and impact immune health.

Made in America, in an FDA registered Facility with clinically tested ingredients.