Complete Immune Support

The first daily supplement developed to support healthy immune system function.

AI Derived

AI-driven nutraceutical development has dramatically shortened long R&D cycles.

Daily Supplement

Just two capsules a day to maintain your immune system health.

What is Inhibinol™?

The Science of Inhibinol™

Inhibinol™ is a daily supplement that is made with essential vitamins and extracts to help promote healthy immune function. This novel combination provides support for inflammation after strenuous activity and restores vitamin/mineral balance empowering the natural immune responses to maintain health and wellness.

Born out of a multi-national research team in the United States and Canada, Inhibinol™ is an AI-recommended daily supplement developed to support a healthy immune system. Learn more.


Backed by Science

Scientifically Formulated

Lab Tested

AI Derived

DeepDrug™ AI

DeepDrug™ is an AI-based platform that is being used to tackle global challenges. The DeepDrug™ team has spent the last 8 years working on AI solutions to create health products to improve global health. Learn more about Drug Discovery using Artificial Intelligence here.


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